Blog Star Challenge 2.0

Make an Impact While Making an Income

Join the 5-Day Challenge to Help You Create Your Blog

Hosted by Tammy Gibson

Have you been dreaming about starting your own blog either as a side hustle that you can develop into a full time gig, or as a marketing tool for your existing business? Do you keep putting it off because you don’t know how to get started? Are you overwhelmed with the idea of doing tech? Are you worried about how much extra time it will take away from your already full schedule? Do you wonder if anyone even reads blogs anymore? It is time to STOP asking these questions! That all ends today! I have the solution for your concerns!


Blog Star Challenge 2.0

Create and Launch Your Blog

Discover how to set up your blog in an easy and efficient way

Learn to Monetize Your Blog in Blog Star Challenge 2.0

Learn How to Make Money on Your Blog

Discover the best ways to earn an income from your blog

Learn who your Ideal Reader is in the Blog Star Challenge 2.0

Discover Your Ideal Reader

The most important thing to understand when blogging is WHO you are blogging for

Learn the importance of branding in Blog Star Challenge 2.0

Learn the Importance of Good Branding

Give your blog personality and make it visually appealing to your Ideal Reader


Tammy Gibson is a professional blogger and a Digital Marketing Expert. She helps digitally savvy female entrepreneurs (and those that desire to become one!) to gain visibility online, stand out from the competition and share their expertise with the world.Consider her your blogging bestie! She can help you rock the online world with your story, wisdom, style and personality! Tammy has been blogging for 12 years, enjoying perks like trips to Paris, France, New York City, Boston and many other locations; fashion and beauty samples; professional photo shoots that made her feel like a Blog Star; and friendships from around the world! While, blogging is not all fancy and fun, it is sooooo worth the time and effort because it has allowed her the opportunity to work from home and have the flexibility and income to enjoy family time on her own terms! Tammy is committed to helping women learn how to establish themselves online and make an impact while making an income.